Our Qualifications

Super RupairThere are numerous reasons why Super Rupair is qualified to provide auto repairs and maintenance for your Subaru. Read on to understand the main areas where we shine as qualified auto repair specialists for Subaru ONLY.


#1 We only service Subaru cars

Specialization provides you with very substantial benefits as a Subaru owner. Compare our specialization to the independent auto repair shops that service around 20-30 different car manufacturers. With many models and many years each, that is 100′s of vehicles that they have to completely understand to become experts with them.

With Super Rupair, we only have Subaru’s to focus our attention on. One brand and only a handful of models makes it very easy to outfit our company and your car.

  • We choose and train our technicians on only one brand.
  • We focus our experience on only one brand, not spread out to 100′s of very different cars.
  • We acquire manufacturer tools, computer resources, and Internet resources that are specific to just Subaru.
  • The equipment we purchase is specific to your Subaru.
  • The parts vendors we partner with help us with just Subaru.
  • All of our staff members get to know only Subaru parts, service issues, solutions and general know-how.
  • We understand our choices with the right parts for your vehicle — usually original OEM parts from Subaru.

Super RupairVery Qualified and Experienced Subaru Service Technicians

This is a big one for you. Having the experience we have, to work on your Subaru, allows us to deliver your service or repair professionally. We get the work done right — and right the first time. This gives you greater peace of mind because you know we are taking care of your Subaru in a way to maximize it’s dependability and longevity.


Original Equipment Subaru parts or better

Super RupairThe parts we choose to repair and service your Subaru are extremely important. The right parts gives you a service that is done right the first time. It also adds longevity and dependability to your car. At Super Rupair, we use the very finest parts that are just right for your car. Much of the time that means we choose OEM parts from Subaru. Other times, we may choose something better for you too.