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Boulder’s Subaru-only Auto Repair Shop

We are Colorado’s favorite Subaru-specialty auto repair and maintenance shop located in Boulder, CO. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all cars and sport utility vehicles made by Subaru!

No matter the year or model of your Subaru, our technicians are extensively trained on the ins and outs of servicing Subaru vehicles including repairs, maintenance, and comprehensive diagnostics. We are the best dealer alternative around!

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When it comes to anything Subaru in Boulder, think Super Rupair!

Super Rupair is your one-stop Subaru center for service, parts and used Subarus for sale. We are the nation’s largest independent Subaru auto repair shop. We work on and sell only one brand of car, that’s Subaru!

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Your Subaru Specialists

Because we only work with Subaru’s we really know them inside and out. Most independent auto repair shops service a wide variety of cars, as many as 30 different brands. That means they spread their experience and resources out among 100?s of different vehicles.

Being a specialist means we are laser-focused on Subarus. All of our experience, training, technical resources, parts inventory and equipment is chosen for your Subaru brand of vehicle only. This gives you great benefit. You save money, you save time and you get much more peace of mind compared to other independents and Subaru dealerships.

New and Used Subaru Parts

We also keep a great stock of new and used Subaru parts on hand. In fact, each week we get in a used Subaru that we use for parts. We professionally remove all the good parts from the used car to build up an inventory of parts so we can offer you a lower price.

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We sell used Subarus too!

We keep a great inventory of about 20-30 used Subaru’s on hand for sale through our used Subaru dealership at our Super Rupair property. Many of these come from our customers that are upgrading and trading in. We know their history, we also carefully and professionally recondition them so they are high quality cars for you to purchase.

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