Your Dealership Alternative

Are you using the Subaru Dealership for your under-warranty maintenance, routine maintenance, and repairs? Then, if you’re like 1000′s of Boulder County Subaru owners, you’ll enjoy our shop.


Equal or better service abilities than dealerships

Because we ONLY service Subaru cars, we have thoroughly equipped and outfitted our shop to perform your repairs and service at a high-quality level. The level of expertise our technicians possess is well above average. They have worked on 1000′s of Subaru’s. Additionally, we have the same technical resources from the manufacturer as dealerships. We even have equipment to allow us to perform computer flash updates on your vehicle.


More friendly and more personal service

The big reason so many customers count on us for service and repair of their Subaru is because of our staff. Each day we give each customer a Customer Satisfaction card so they can rate their experience here. And, everyday we get back awesome reviews. Our customers tell us we are very professional, qualified, super-friendly and helpful.

Our philosophy with customers is to treat you with respect and honesty. We take the time to answer your questions in a pleasant, helpful manner. You WON’T find those grumpy auto repair guys that talk down to your or try to confuse you. At Super Rupair, we care about each customer and are here to provide top-notch and friendly service to every single customer. We’ve grown to be the largest independent Subaru service center in the nationwide, mainly because of how well we care for our customers. Try us out and you’ll see.


Same or better quality parts

We use OEM or Equal Subaru PartsA vital component to a long-lasting repair and service is quality parts and fluids. We know that cutting corners in this area (as some independents do) costs you time, frustration and money. That’s why we always use the right quality parts for your Subaru. This means in many cases Original Subaru Parts, and other times we use equivalent or better choices. The one thing you can rely on, is that we choose the very best part for your vehicle so you can have peace of mind knowing your car is running great and dependably.