Subaru Only Auto Repair

If you own a Subaru, we KNOW your vehicle! That’s because we ONLY service Subaru vehicles. We don’t spend our time or equipment investments on anything but Subaru’s.


Our specializing in Subaru benefits YOU greatly

We know you have many choices today to get your Subaru serviced. You can take it to the dealerships or any general independent auto repair shop. So, why should you choose Super Rupair? It’s because we specialize in only one brand, Subaru. This means we get to know only one brand of vehicles, not 30 brands and 100′s of models. We understand all of the ins and outs of your car. We know which parts need replacing. We know which parts to have on hand. We’ve established great partnerships with our suppliers to get you the best value on quality parts.


We save you time

Because we understand your Subaru vehicle better, we service it right the first time. Many auto repair shops, including dealerships, often troubleshoot by ‘trying’ things. Sometimes, this can be effective. Other times though, it can bring you back into the shop because it didn’t fix the problem. That’s a hassle you don’t deserve. We get it right the first time because we have the right equipment, technicians that are Subaru specialists, the experience of numerous other Subaru’s before your car, and we used the right parts.


We save you money

Because we are your Subaru repair and maintenance specialists, we know the things to keep an eye on with your car model. Then, we make sure we use the right parts and we recommend the right service to PREVENT more expensive auto repairs. Prevention is a huge part of our philosophy. We care about you and your car and preventing auto repairs is such a huge money-saver for you. We care enough to make sure your car gets what it needs to last a long time.


Super RupairWe give you peace of mind

This is really our bottom line for your Subaru. We want you to enjoy your car and know you can depend on it to get you around town and on any long trips. We do this by looking out for you through proper maintenance and using the very best parts for your particular model. Dependability equals peace of mind!