Why Choose Us

Super RupairWe, the owners and employees of Super Rupair here in Boulder, Co. love the automotive industry. We all use and thoroughly enjoy our Subaru’s, and their unique ability to traverse the western slope and Highways of Colorado. We have may combined years of invaluable experience with Subaru’s in the automotive industry and enjoy being able to help our customers with quality repairs.



Team effort at Super Rupair has been at the forefront time and again with fantastic achievement’s at Bandimere speedway, with awesome results and recorded track times of 10+ second passes on the quarter mile strip. Gaining knowledge of the pluses and minuses of various performance and aftermarket components has given us the ability to also help steer the adrenalin pursued Subaru enthusiasts in the right direction. This ability is also backed up with our top line dyno on site testing facility.


Super RupairThe Nuts and Bolts

For year after year we have been happily servicing Colorado’s Subaru owners Automotive needs, and daily we are complimented on our service levels. As a testament to that fact we have been awarded with the “Best in Boulder” for many years in a row and we here at Super Rupair pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. If your a Subaru owner and your Subi is looking for a “New Pit Stop” please come and talk to us, let us know your needs and expectations of us as your Repair Facility, and let us show your our workshop and explain what it is to be Part of the Super Rupair Team!


The Green Choice

We can offer our customers a Re Refined recycled oil uniquely blended with all the essential minerals required and found in any top of the line new oil. Our oils are supplied to us Via a local Oil Distribution company to help reduce Super Rupair’s Carbon Footprint. All our Fluids are recycled here at Super Rupair (Registered licensed recyclers), and we take pride in protecting our environment by recycling most all items that pass through our front gates from used Cars that we dismantle (Used parts sold to customers throughout Usa and dismantled car bodies shredded and melted down to be rebuilt again) down to Cardboard that is shredded and used for Bi-paper products.